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How I See You – 5×5


I struggle to believe that Jesus is accepting, loving, and kind. I know that he is, but I don’t believe that he is. When I don’t do things perfectly, he must be disappointed. When I don’t pray enough, he must respond by withdrawing from me. When I screw up, he’s not going to help.

It dawned on me one day that I see Jesus the same way I see the world, and that has a lot more to do with my story than it does with Him. I want to see him more clearly, but it’s like I’m looking through a fogged glass. He’s distorted. As I get healthier, I see him more clearly, but it’ll never be enough.

But that’s not how He sees me. He sees clearly and he’s not disappointed, withdrawn, or angry.

This 5×5 inch painting started as a portrait, fully executed and detailed before I covered it up.

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