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His Promises


The story behind this piece is very personal to me.

One night I was out camping in the mountains and the sky was just FULL of stars. Like you can’t image unless you’ve been on the top of a mountain without a single light on. SO many stars.

I was in a season of wrestling through some very hard things. Wondering where my life was going, if I’d ever find a relationship (I was a teenager at the time), if I would ever be good enough, or wanted.

I was lying on my back looking at the stars when God spoke to me. He told me that He had promised Abraham under these same stars, and He’s just as faithful now as He was then. That His Promises are good.

Oil on 18×24 gallery wrapped canvas.

Frame not included – artwork continues around side and framing is not required.

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Dimensions 24 × 18 in


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