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Markaley and Francesco’s Art Installation

Story time!

When we first started this art adventure, we didn’t anticipate the overwhelming reception of people wanting us to create their own custom paintings. It wasn’t long before we realized that this was an opportunity to couple two things we love, getting to know people and their stories, and collaborating to make dreams come true. 

I first met Markaley and Francesco, when I was displaying my art at a boutique in Franklin. They saw a small triangle canvas I had painted and asked if I could paint something like that, but bigger. Of course! What they didn’t know then is that my husband also creates custom canvases.

We exchanged information and later set up a time for me to come into their beautiful home for a consultation. They later asked if hexagonal canvases would be an option—absolutely! I could see that this was going to be a really fun project to collaborate on with my clients. During the consultation, we measured out the space where they wanted their paintings displayed, they swiped through my previous works on my iPad and told me which paintings they were drawn to, color preferences, and later discussed ideal sizes for the hexagons to make a statement on their living room wall. Additionally, they wanted a large rectangular painting for their entryway that had more earth tones that nodded to the exterior of their home as guests walked in with gold leaf details. 

Markaley sent me a swatch for their chair that would be coming in soon and I was able to match that color in a small sample painting that I brought back for both of them to see. They wanted fall colors with pops of pinks, purples, and yellows, some with white backgrounds (negative space) and some with gray. We adjusted the gray color to be a bit lighter and then I was off to the races creating their special 5 piece hexagonal series and entryway painting!

My favorite aspects of the paintings…

It was so fun to create each of the hexagons as I was using different techniques on each hexagon. The way that the bright colors popped and moved on the canvas to create gorgeous details is always such a wonderful surprise even for me as I created the pieces. Additionally, Isaac had the incredible idea to add what’s called a “french cleat” to the frame of the 2.5’ hexagons. This enables Francesco and Markaley to be able to rotate and rearrange each painting with ease on the wall brackets that hold each painting. It’s as if they could have countless combinations to have a fresh installment every week, if they wanted to (I know there’s someone out there who would have fun doing the math of how many combinations you could create, that person isn’t me. If that brings you joy, then feel free to do that math and send me your results!). Once the paintings were complete, Isaac installed each piece. Seeing the entire installation in their beautiful home was like a dream come true. The entryway piece was so striking with the gold leaf details sparking in the window light. Francesco and I stood in the living room for a moment, just taking in the beauty of the hexagonal installation. So much time planning, preparing paints, painting the paintings, touching up details, all came together to create something truly special for a really precious family. 

See what Markaley had to say about the experience:

“My partner and I rarely agree on art. We both have strong opinions, and they’re often at odds! When we saw Lorrie’s art at a local shop, we both instantly loved her work. We asked her about a commission, and the whole process was smooth from start to finish. She took our vision, crafted custom canvases, found beautiful color combinations, and created a beautiful installation for our new home. We love how her artwork adds a unique and bold touch to the room!”


There’s not much better than feedback like that, folks! So very thankful for this opportunity to bring Markaley and Francesco’s vision to life! 

Do you want to have the excitement and wonder of custom art in your home? I’d love to work with you! Please email me at or call/text (615)567-3192