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Isaac Fowler

Painting nature, portraits, and my own healing journey

Nashville-based artist Isaac specializes in creating captivating and tranquil landscapes that showcase breathtaking clouds, serene waters, and remarkable sunrises. His passion is to capture the fleeting beauty of nature on canvas and bring that inspiration into your home.

In addition to his main body of work, Isaac regularly does custom work, ranging from personalized landscapes, to portraits, and even illustrations. His paintings are cherished in homes across the country.

Married to his high school sweetheart Lorrie, who is also an artist, they both enjoy earning their livelihood through their shared passion for art. Their studio is just south of Franklin, TN.

Collections of Paintings:
Sunrises | Storms | Faith Collection | Individual Works and Experiments

Commission Custom Work (portraits, weddings, landscapes, and more!)

Sunrise Collection

Sunrises are God showing off, and they’re one of my favorite things to paint. I love the way that the light plays off the clouds, the landscape turns dim, and for a short time, nothing else matters.

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Storm Collection

I’ve always been fascinated by clouds, especially during storms. I love to capture storms and weather cells, and have even been known to stand outside during a hurricane just to see the storm sweep in.

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Faith Collection

This body of work is directly inspired by my faith journey as a Christian. Often touching on themes of inner healing, redemption, and belief.

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Commission your unique, one-of-a-kind piece from Isaac

Would you love to have a work of art made uniquely for you, your story, and your home’s aesthetic? I’d love to collaborate with you. Tell me a bit about what you have in mind and we’ll get started…

Tell us a bit about the artwork you’d like, just to get started. We will reach out for everything we need to make your dream become a reality.

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Individual Works and Experiments

Works done as a standalone piece. Whether as an individually inspired piece, a study to prepare for another work, or an experiment to test a new style or technique. This is a treasure trove of great deals on unique pieces.

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