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How I See You

by Isaac Fowler

I struggle to believe that Jesus is accepting, loving, and kind. I know that he is, but I don’t believe that he is. When I don’t do things perfectly, he must be disappointed. When I don’t pray enough, he must respond by withdrawing from me. When I screw up, he’s not going to help.

It dawned on me one day that I see Jesus the same way I see the world, and that has a lot more to do with my story than it does with Him. I want to see him more clearly, but it’s like I’m looking through a fogged glass. He’s distorted. As I get healthier, I see him more clearly, but it’ll never be enough.

But that’s not how He sees me. He sees clearly and he’s not disappointed, withdrawn, or angry.

This painting started as a portrait, fully executed and detailed before I covered it up.

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Artist Prints

Do you love this message and want to take a piece of it home? All of my prints are made on archival paper or canvas with the highest quality art printing techniques. They’re a very affordable way to own my art, and shipping is included in the price!

Available Originals

Hand-painted artwork for your home, by Isaac. Not everyone can own an original.

About the Artist

Nashville-based artist Isaac specializes in creating captivating and tranquil paintings that feature his faith, breathtaking clouds, serene waters, and remarkable sunrises. His passion is to capture the fleeting beauty of life on canvas and bring that inspiration into your home.

In addition to his main body of work, Isaac regularly does custom work, ranging from personalized landscapes, to portraits, and even illustrations. His paintings are cherished in homes across the country.

Married to his high school sweetheart Lorrie, who is also an artist, they both enjoy earning their livelihood through their shared passion for art. Their studio is just south of Franklin, TN.

Questions and Comments

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