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Art Giveaway

Congratulations to our 2 winners! Check out our instagram (Isaac | Lorrie) to see the live drawing and who won.

Abstract Beach – 11×14
Isaac Fowler original

Bloom – 8×8
Lorrie Fowler original

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This is a basic sweepstakes style contest, which means that all you need to do to win is be one of the two lucky winners who are randomly drawn from all eligible participants. All that you have to do to be eligible is be subscribed to our newsletter at the time of drawing (Friday, April 29 at 7PM ET). No purchase or other action is required!

Winner will be announced on our social feeds to reduce the number of emails we send.

These rules may be added to later if necessary without notice. I’ll only do that if we realize that we forgot something important.

Oasis of Peace

Featured Artwork

This original painting is all about God’s provision, peace, and kindness. It’s a stunning piece that will set any living room apart! This beautiful 48×24 inch painting by Lorrie won’t last long!

All April proceeds go to women in need.

Isaac Fowler

Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, and Watercolor

I’m a painter in Thompsons Station, Tennessee. I find inspiration all over the place: afternoon clouds, sunsets, and nature. In recent time, I’m focusing on letting God speak through me in my art by creating based on His inspiration and prompting. Every painting has some form of a message to connect to you.

Lorrie Fowler

Abstract Acrylic Paintings

I create abstract, fluid art partnered with Holy Spirit inspired Scripture and prophetic words. I always knew I was creative, but I compared my artistic skills to others and came to the conclusion that I wasn’t artistic. That is until I did heart healing through Biblically based counseling and discovering more of Father God’s heart for me. A piece of me came to life that I didn’t realize existed.

Let’s be friends

Featured Artwork

Who we are

Living in beautiful Middle Tennessee with their 3 boys, Isaac and Lorrie are High School sweethearts who share a love for the Lord, art, and nature. Being a husband and wife team is something they’re really enjoying as they create in a shared studio, home school their boys, and explore nature together.

Lorrie creates abstract, fluid art partnered with Holy Spirit inspired Scripture and prophetic words. Isaac combines influences of abstract and realistic art into unique creations. Isaac graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art from Kennesaw State University, and Lorrie is a self-taught artist. They each aim to create meaningful artwork that connects people to the Holy Spirit, themselves, and their community.

Both Isaac and Lorrie enjoy displaying their art locally, where friends and neighbors can enjoy and be inspired to create as well.