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Live a FREE life by learning to process life and emotions

Do you want a life that’s fulfilling and free? Do you sometimes feel stuck, disappointed, or frustrated with life? It’s probably because you were never taught the tools to process your life and emotions.

It’s not your fault! Our culture has downplayed the need for emotional and mental health so much that you probably wonder if you even need your emotions at all! You were never given the knowledge or tools to deal with your emotions. Now, if you’re like many adults, that part of you is probably causing some BIG problems.

In this free webinar, I’m going to teach you TWO incredibly simple and powerful tools that I’ve used in my own life to reconnect with myself, process my life and emotions, and live more freely. I wish I had learned this sooner!

Certified Connection Codes™ Coaches Lorrie & Isaac Fowler

Join certified coach Lorrie and Isaac Fowler as they walk you through the foundation of what it looks like to live freely and connect with yourself. Our session will start with a brief intro to a few things that you should have been taught, but most likely were not, and then we’ll introduce the two accessible techniques that have changed our lives: the wheel, and painting.

  • Learn about the 8 core emotions that we ALL experience
  • Learn the incredibly simple technique that has helped me identify which emotions I’m feeling at any time
  • See a demonstration of how easy it is to start painting for mental health TODAY

YOU can do this!

Will this be worth my time?

I can’t stand free webinars that are total a waste of time, and I certainly don’t want this to be one.

The wheel is such a simple and effective tool, you can do it on your own and start seeing results immediately! While you may benefit from additional coaching after the webinar, you will know everything that you need to get started by the end of the call!

I have too many feelings / they’re too big

There are no bad emotions. I will teach you the tool that has been incredibly helpful in my own journey of sorting through my own “river of emotions.”

I’m not much of a “feeler”

We all have emotions, whether we’re in tune with them or not. In fact, sometimes the people who are not in tune with their feelings are the ones that are hindered the most by them! I will teach you a very simple tool to help you get in touch with that side of yourself.

I can’t draw a straight line / I can’t draw a stick figure / I have no artistic talent

I hear these responses all of the time, and every single time, people are blown away with their own results on their FIRST painting. I’ve taught painting classes for years, including a 4 year old boy, a 97 year old women, and everything in between. They’ve all made incredible paintings that they loved.

I can’t make the webinar time

I get it, life gets in the way, and we want you to benefit from this. A recap video will be posted for everyone who registers. The recap video will be available for 48 hours after the event.

Save your seat!

June 13, 2:30pm Central / 3:30pm Eastern


Meet the Artist

Lorrie Fowler

“Each of my paintings is inspired by my life experiences, my faith, and my great appreciation for nature. The one-of-a-kind pieces that I create are filled with movement, detail, and joy. Liquid colors frozen in time, my art is a representation of the beauty of life.

I love getting my hands messy while I spend time in the studio. I’ve developed my creative voice over years of experimenting with different paints and materials, playing, and finding that perfect balance of fun and sophistication. I specialize in statement pieces to change the atmosphere of a space, evoking feelings of joy and peace.”

Lorrie’s work is collected from coast to coast. She has exhibited her work at various shows in the United States. In addition, Lorrie and her husband were featured in multiple publications.

We’re a husband and wife team, creating art in the Nashville, TN area, where we live with our 3 boys. We’re High School sweethearts who share a love for the Lord, art, and nature. Our passion is to create meaningful art that speaks to your soul—art that you’ll love and cherish for a lifetime. Being a husband and wife team is something we really enjoy as we create in a shared studio, home-school our boys, and explore nature together.

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