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Join me for a fun and inspiring evening on March 22nd

Join artist Lorrie Fowler for a peek inside her creative process of fluid painting. Lorrie will demonstrate creating a painting using one of her favorite tools, air power. You won’t want to miss this captivating process!

Watching Lorrie paint is such a treat. She can take a canvas from blank to a masterpiece right before your eyes. Audiences love watching Lorrie paint and with multiple camera angles, you’ll have a front-row seat!

  • Enjoy this demo from the comfort of your home
  • Get inspired
  • Learn valuable tips about pour painting
  • Ask questions and get expert answers
  • Sit back and relax, Lorrie’s process is beautiful to watch!

March 22, 7pm (Central)


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Meet the Artist

Lorrie Fowler

“Each of my paintings is inspired by my life experiences, my faith, and my great appreciation for nature. The one-of-a-kind pieces that I create are filled with movement, detail, and joy. Liquid colors frozen in time, my art is a representation of the beauty of life.

I love getting my hands messy while I spend time in the studio. I’ve developed my creative voice over years of experimenting with different paints and materials, playing, and finding that perfect balance of fun and sophistication. I specialize in statement pieces to change the atmosphere of a space, evoking feelings of joy and peace.”

Lorrie’s work is collected from coast to coast. She has exhibited her work at various shows in the United States. In addition, Lorrie and her husband were featured in multiple publications.

We’re a husband and wife team, creating art in the Nashville, TN area, where we live with our 3 boys. We’re High School sweethearts who share a love for the Lord, art, and nature. Our passion is to create meaningful art that speaks to your soul—art that you’ll love and cherish for a lifetime. Being a husband and wife team is something we really enjoy as we create in a shared studio, home-school our boys, and explore nature together.

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