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Caring for your new oil painting

Congratulations! You are now the owner of an oil painting, and with proper care, it can easily last a lifetime and become a family heirloom. Oil paint is very special and has been used for hundreds of years with great results, which is why it’s so sought after for paintings!

Observing a few simple rules will go a long way to ensuring that your painting will last:

  • Be careful with sharp objects around your painting as they can easily scratch the paint off, or even tear the canvas.
  • Do not let anything come into physical contact with the painting as it can permanently dent the canvas, or adhere to the paint. Shipped paintings are wrapped in a special artist’s paper that is designed not to stick to the paint, however, paintings should be promptly removed from the packaging.
  • Framing paintings behind glass is not recommended as the paint can in some cases adhere to the glass.
  • Hang your painting in an area where small children, pets, etc. will not brush against it.
  • Do not keep your painting in a humid environment (such as a bathroom) or direct sunlight. Avoid areas with extreme temperatures.
  • If you find yourself needing to pack your painting to move or to ship the painting, please reach out for additional tips to ensure safe travels.
  • Extra care should be taken for the first 6-12 months after the painting is completed. Oil paint may seem dry when you receive your painting, but there is actually a very slow curing process that takes place over about a year. During this time, the paint is more susceptible to damage.

If you have any questions, or if your painting has been damaged and you’d like it repaired, please reach out to me at or (615)567-3192

Nashville-based artist Isaac specializes in creating captivating and tranquil landscapes that showcase breathtaking clouds, serene waters, and remarkable sunrises. His passion is to capture the fleeting beauty of nature on canvas and bring that inspiration into your home.

In addition to his main body of work, Isaac regularly does custom work, ranging from personalized landscapes, to portraits, and even illustrations. His paintings are cherished in homes across the country.

Married to his high school sweetheart Lorrie, who is also an artist, they both enjoy earning their livelihood through their shared passion for art. Their studio is just south of Franklin, TN.

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