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Available Sizes

Need help visualizing the size that will work best in your space? We’ve provided handy reference images to help you understand how large our various sizes are. We are glad to talk sizing through with you to find what will work best, and we can even show art in your own room by using software to simulate it!

Medium to Large Sizes

Medium to large sizes are going to be great for a typical living room, den, or other large space where you want a focal point to decorate around. These sizes make a huge statement! 36×48 is our most popular size as it totally changes the atmosphere of the room. We’ve shown up to 48×60, but we can go even larger on request!

Small to Medium Sizes

Small to medium sizes are great for kitchen walls, hallways, desks, or any other space that you want to elevate. While we typically recommend a large piece for a living room, a few small or medium paintings can be a great accompaniment to a large focal piece.

*Some sizes are not shown. If you need to see a particular size, let us know! Also, we’re glad to discuss sizing with you, and can even show you our artwork on your wall if you send us a picture!