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Anastasia’s Clear Painting

Anastasia's Painting on clear acrylic

This commission almost couldn’t happen!

One of the most challenging aspects of creating custom art for my clients is finding ways to bring their vision into reality. When Anastasia said she had a vision for a painting on glass, I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull that off. However, she’s become a dear friend as we’ve developed a relationship after she was drawn to my art and purchased a painting she saw on display a couple of years ago. I’m so thankful that she trusts me and trusts the process. Anastasia lives in California, so we talked about her idea over the phone and I got a vision for what she had in mind. 

The first painting that Anastasia purchased from me

After researching various options for glass, I learned that there were serious risks not only for shipping, but also for hanging a 4’x4’ sheet of glass in a family home. So, we discussed painting on thick clear acrylic instead and Anastasia said it was a go! Wonderful, we’ve determined the substrate! Now the only missing puzzle piece is HOW to fluid paint on acrylic. 

I went to bed one night and woke up feeling like I had the answer (thank You, Lord!). So, I got to work practicing the technique, and sure enough, it worked! We ordered the 4’x4’ acrylic sheet, Isaac sanded the edges to make them smooth, and installed holes for hanging hardware. I prepared my paints, using colors that Anastasia had requested, and layered them onto the acrylic. I used a blowdryer to move the paint across the acrylic and was blown away (ok, pun intended) at the results! 

The unique way that the colors moved and mixed was stunning!

The unique way that the colors moved and mixed was stunning! Once the painting dried, I taped all of the clear sections of the acrylic off so that I could varnish the painting to protect it. After that, I took photos and recorded a video to send to Anastasia. She was thrilled with the results, hurray! Isaac and I carefully prepared the painting to be shipped to California from Tennessee and off it went! 

I named the painting “Suddenly” because I felt like God wanted to highlight to her that He is a God of the “suddenlies.” Sometimes, it feels like He’s moving really slowly and not according to our timeline (imagine that), then other times it’s as if He suddenly makes a way, and suddenly changes the trajectory of the thing we’ve been praying about. She has told me that there are many stories of people seeing the painting and believing for God to move suddenly and He has! 


I’m so honored to partner with the Lord in bringing visual representation to what He is doing! Also, I’m quite honored to have the opportunity to paint this special painting for Anastasia and her family as it’s displayed right above their dinner table every time their family sits together.

I’ve since done a third painting for Anastasia because she’s been so pleased with each one (and we have a few more planned!), This gold-framed painting is a story for another day, but you can see it below!

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